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About Waverly Group

At Waverly, our passion lies in working with entrepreneurs with the earliest seeds of an idea and turning them into significant business opportunities. Every step of the way, from concept to early stage to fully-fledged venture, we have sat alongside our partners to form stand-alone businesses with their own identity, brand and commercial runway.

The Waverly team has been in each other’s orbits and worked with its founder, Gilad Hayeem, for over two decades. Together, we have a strong track record of building businesses from inception to IPOs and exits. Through a combination of individual and shared skills, and a deep understanding of risk, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our partners to significantly increase the odds of success and capitalise on every commercial opportunity.

Our partnerships

Waverly Carbon

Waverly Carbon was founded in late 2019 when a new sector was identified that enhances environmental sustainability by reclaiming carbon black. Waverly Carbon is the UK’s only producer of recovered Carbon Black (rCB). rCB produced from pyrolised tyre char is a sustainable alternative to virgin carbon black and can be used in the production of plastics, rubber and coatings. At its processing plant in Melton Mowbray, Waverly Carbon can process up to 4000 tonnes of rCB annually.

At a time when the circular economy has never been more focused on reducing waste, recovering resources and channelling them back into production, Waverly Carbon’s ambition is clear – to reduce pressure on the environment by expanding beyond rCB into the manufacture of recycled green chemicals.

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Waverly Hospitality

Waverly Hospitality was founded in the summer of 2021 when Waverly Group founder, Gilad Hayeem, joined forces with leading chefs, Hariprasad Shetty and Ori Geller, to bring a shared vision and creative spirit to life – Nela.

Nela means pure – from the gastronomy to the carefully hand-crafted space and materials, to the connection between people, culture & traditions.

The first Nela restaurant opened at The Valley in Amsterdam in late Summer 2022.

Nela London will be opening at the iconic London landmark, The Whiteley, in late 2024.

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Previously founded partnerships

Waverly Staging & Design

Co-founded by Gilad Hayeem in late 2019, Waverly Staging + Design was borne out of Waverly Group’s extensive experience of staging and interior designing its own real estate portfolio. The business specialises in the efficient and rapid staging of iconic, luxury residences, allowing both property developers and real estate brokers to sell at the highest value. Gilad is an investor in the business, supporting its ambition to create bespoke interiors for every market and to appeal to every buyer in all aspects of staging and turnkey design.

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Solid Biosciences

Solid Biosciences is a life science company focused on solving Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It was co-founded by Gilad Hayeem in 2013 and Gilad served as President of the company and a member of the Board of Directors from 2013-2018. The company IPOed onto Nasdaq in January 2018 and is currently conducting clinical trials to bring to market a gene-therapy treatment for the disease.

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Marble Bar Asset Management

Gilad Hayeem co-founded Marble Bar Asset Management, a long/short actively traded hedge fund, in 2002. As CEO of the business from inception to sale, Gilad was primarily responsible for developing the business, its asset base and products and oversaw the growth of assets under management to $6bn. MBAM sold strategic stakes to Lehman Brothers from 2002, before a full trade sale to EFG Capital International in 2008.


Co-founded by Gilad Hayeem in 2010, EMES was established as a fund of hedge funds. Today, it invests and provides capital in various formats and structures to hedge funds globally. Gilad is a partner in the business, which has offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.

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Founded by Gilad Hayeem in 2010, Fitzroy Gallery supported both emerging and established local and international contemporary artists. Located in New York’s Lower East Side, it fostered a programme of solo exhibitions, collaborations and guest curated shows, as well as a series of culturally and critically relevant screenings and performances. In April 2011, it staged the 50th anniversary of Simone Forti’s acclaimed Slant Board performance, which received critical acclaim in 1961 as well as 2011.


Gilad Hayeem

Kate Bearman
Executive Chair

Hardip Nijjar
Commercial Finance Director

Felicia Steffen
Business Development Director

Paula Kolinkska
Head of Asset, Risk and Treasury Management

Sophie Cox

Sophie Cox
Group Executive Assistant

Our Partners

Dan Turner

Partner, Waverly carbon

Daniel has an MBA from CASS Business School, majoring in corporate strategy and business development. He spent his early career in the food industry; working for HJ Heinz in sales and account management and then later, for IGD, (a food industry think tank developing industry-wide supply chain initiatives), authoring a number of widely circulated reports on grocery, retail and food service sectors.

Daniel then moved into high volume manufacturing, joining the UK’s largest printing conglomerate, Polestar, where he worked in the corporate strategy function on the modernisation and restructuring of the 35 operating plant manufacturer. This included asset evaluations, resource utilisation assessments, scenario planning and development of turnround strategies at both business unit and corporate level. Daniel also established a £10m export division and led major newspaper contract negotiations. Latterly Daniel worked in a variety of financial service roles in fund management and private equity, before joining Waverly Carbon as CEO in 2019.

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An image of Hariprasad Shetty
Photo: Asaf Karela

Hariprasad Shetty

Partner, nela

Hari always knew he wanted to work in the kitchen. In Mumbai, he grew up in his father’s restaurant and was inspired by all the flavours and smells India has to offer. In 1999, Hari left India and moved to London to work in some of its top restaurants, before taking up a position at Nobu.

During his time at Nobu, including as Head Chef of Nobu Park Lane, London, he was recognised not only for his talent for cooking but also his relentless focus on quality and his extensive management skills.

Hari was then approached to become an executive chef at the Entourage Group, where he opened several restaurants across Europe, including Momo, Izakaya, and The Duchess. He left Entourage in the autumn of 2021 to establish Nela with his fellow chef, Ori Geller and British entrepreneur and investor, Gilad Hayeem.

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An image of Sri Geller
Photo: Asaf Karela

Ori Geller

Partner, nela

Ori began a successful career as a graphic designer in Tel Aviv but soon realised that his true passion was cooking. Knowing there was no better place to train than New York, he moved to the US to work in several prestigious restaurants and quickly became a specialist in high end Mediterranean cuisine. After seven years in New York, Ori returned to Tel Aviv where he became the head chef of renowned restaurant Yafo-Tel Aviv.

Ori later joined the Entourage Group in Amsterdam to develop The Duchess (which was subsequently awarded a Michelin star), and open Mr. Porter, which he also operated as head chef.

He left Entourage in the autumn of 2021 to establish Nela with his fellow chef, Hari Shetty and British entrepreneur and investor, Gilad Hayeem.

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