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A photo of Gilad Hayeem

Gilad Hayeem


Gilad is a British entrepreneur with a background in business and asset management. For over two decades, he has developed and driven early-stage businesses across a diverse range of sectors, including finance, biotech, technology, real estate and art.

He founded Waverly Group in 2010 to channel his significant experience of building businesses rather than simply investing in them. At the heart of Waverly’s approach is the excitement of what can be achieved by partnering with like-minded and smart business creators and disrupters with a shared passion for making innovative and galvanising interventions in their sectors. At the heart of its values is the importance of integrity, fairness, and pulling together in the same direction and for the same outcomes.

Prior to establishing Waverly Group, Gilad was Managing Partner and CEO of Marble Bar Asset Management, a UK-based investment fund he co-founded in 2002 and sold in 2008. He is also former President of Solid Biosciences, a business he co-founded in 2013 and which listed on Nasdaq in 2018. Gilad received his MBA from City University, London, and holds international history and politics degrees from the University of Leeds.

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